Our vision is a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. Together we can move the world for animals.

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Animal welfare has always been my passion. Discovering you could work to improve the lives of animals as a profession was a revelation for me as a child. I have been a campaigner throughout my career, working on different issues and learning how to make change happen, before getting the break into animal welfare five years ago.

Emma Slawinski, European Programmes Director.

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I am first on the ground when disasters hit and lead our response teams into disaster zones. We do all we can to meet the challenges faced by sometimes horrific conditions to ensure animals are cared for during these times.

Steven Cleff, Disaster Operations Manager in Asia Pacific.

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We are World Animal Protection. We move the world to protect animals.

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Animals given emergency food, shelter and medical care


Beaches cleaned up


Bears saved from cruel treatment in 2014