Finding Your Life's Passion

Finding our life’s passion is something many of us hanker after. Skipping into work full of beans instead of with a heavy heart can seem like a distant dream. The thing is, most of us don’t have an obvious passion that can generate regular income. Even so, we can live happier, more satisfying work lives. Moving ever closer to work which is more enjoyable and aligned to our interests and personality. 

You've got to get started

The common thinking is that while you're paying bills and plodding along you'll have time to think about what you really want to do. The fact is however unless you make a concerted effort to find a fulfilling future it is unlikely to come your way. Stepping off the conveyor belt takes courage and we’ve got to believe in ourselves to get moving. 

Search and you will find

Draw on your interests, life experience and even your web search history to uncover potential career paths. What are you curious about, what life experiences did you most enjoy and why? Give yourself time to do some thinking and digging around. Do what works for you to get you to get your thoughts and memories flowing - go on walks, make mind maps, talk to friends.

Pursue Your Passion

Once you have an idea what you want to do, no matter how tenuous the lead may be, get out there and investigate. You can only really get somewhere by getting out of the bubble, the box and whatever else is holding you back. Put the legwork in and reap the rewards. 


Now it's time to separate fact from fiction. If you've written down lion tamer because you like animals and the circus then you need to know if the job actually involves much of either or if, as is so often the case, it's actually nothing like that. 

Have a go

You don't need to be a professional to get a feel for a job. If you've written down teacher, get in touch with a local school and offer to volunteer. Or if you want to be a journalist there will be a paper or a website somewhere in need of help.   

Plan your future career

It makes sense to plan your career. It’s true we may not have control over everything in life, but realising the future we want is essential is achieving it. Plot the path to your ideal. Will it take a couple of career changes, up-skilling or training? You plan will break down the steps and keep you focussed.

Shake up your network

Speak to people in your network about what you’re interested in getting into, if they’re in the industry then mine them for information and contacts. If you’re willing to break out of your comfort zone, then get out there and find people in the industry. Go to meetups, use Linkedin make contacts and get chatting. The aim is to get all the information about the industry and job and make contacts. 

Find Friends Who Support You

Connecting with other people who care about you and share your passion can be a liberating experience and will give you someone to talk to through your journey. 

Finding your dream job isn't likely to be an overnight affair. It’s something that needs to be established over time. Keep at it - perseverance pays!